B Bop Maiysha

23,00 kr.

Forest Fruit Bowl Parfait Nu Sour.
A fresh forest fruit bowl inspired smooth and refreshing Nu-Sour Ale fermented with fine selections of Willamette raspberries, Camarosa and Senga Senga strawberries, Morello cherries, Burgundy blackcurrants, Hungarian thyme and a hint of Hawaiian black lava salt.
This is the second beer of my Nu- series, which means a modern, “new age” take on the traditional beer styles. This beer is brewed just with fresh hungarian thyme instead of hops, then fermented on a fine selections of fresh, rich and juicy candy-a-like fruits of the forest and a pinch of black lava salt.
Brewed to celebrate the queen of neo soul,
Erykah Badu.

    New age Sour 7,0% | Dåse 33cl

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