Slowburn Brewing Co-op is an independent, worker-owned microbrewery in Hvidovre, Denmark.
We brew a wide variety of beer styles, with a focus on quality and drinkability. Whether you enjoy crisp lagers, heavily-hopped IPAs, rich stouts, or funky mixed fermentation beers, we strive to make something for every palate.
Currently, Slowburn consists of two founding members:
Amalie has a background in cooking and a heart which beats for all things fermented. She started one of the first kombucha breweries in Copenhagen and entered the world of beer through homebrewing and continuous sampling. She has worked as a beertender and with craft beer import and distribution, and thought it was about time to apply these skills with beers of her own creation. At Slowburn, she is juggling sales, assisting in brewing, and administrating the brewery.
Stefano is a biotechnologist who jumped ship to beer production (lucky beverage!). Before moving to Copenhagen, he worked as a brewer in his home country, Italy. Never forgetting his roots, he focuses on the science of beer, with quality as his mission. He is the head brewer of Slowburn and works like an octopus on everything from recipe development, brewing, cellaring and packaging, to being a regular MacGyver around the brewery.

Syrligt/Vildtgæret/Sour/Berliner Weisse

Slowburn Amalthaea

180,00 kr.
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